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The gravel rider needs to travel along dirt roads and rough terrains often combined with asphalted stretches.

The trend comes from the United States, but perfectly meets the need of many cyclists around the world to move away from traffic for a human-sized experience, immersed in nature.

If you are a gravel biker, you are not looking for extreme road performance, but you still want high-performance products to enjoy the experience even on dirt roads and country paths.

The ideal helmet for gravel therefore must certainly consider the fit (the helmet must not move or vibrate), but also offer performance in terms of lightness and aerodynamics, without forgetting the gravel style that has its own identity.

A gravel bike day can range from forest roads interspersed with single tracks to endurance Epics like the American DK200 (Unbound Gravel).

Between the effective elegance of the road kit and the relaxed style of mountain bike baggies, “gravel” cyclists have the freedom to choose the ideal setup that is more inclined towards casual and practical clothing, without ever neglecting their own style.

Choose the perfect gravel helmet for your style, from many models in our full range.


Lightness, fitting and performance, all in a highly resistant structure with a unique style; AIR STRATOS has been designed to run freely through thousands of miles of bikepacking expeditions, bumpy roads and single tracks.


The AIR STAR model is perfect for on and off road performance, guaranteeing absolute comfort and superior ventilation for gravel enthusiasts.

It is also equipped with a rear light to ensure greater safety in the longest of rides, with low visibility and poorly lit conditions.


With Carboncoretech, our highest performance helmet on the road used by professional team riders, has a gravel soul.

Seen at the Italian gravel race, the Serenissima Gravel, on the Kazakh rider Lutsenko; it marked our first win in a professional gravel competition in Italy.


Extremely aerodynamic, a versatile helmet that is perfect for exploration in gravel. For those looking for off-road adventure, without sacrificing performance, comfort, or ventilation at high levels.

The choice of our Teamtwenty24, American pro women's team, competing in gravel competitions including the most famous Unbound.